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About us

Chillin', Laxin', Livin' the CHiLL-life

Aaaahhh, the CHiLL-life. It's all about staying fresh and looking forward. It's about showcasing your unique personality and competitive spirit. It's being part of an unstoppable team, and saying it out loud.

CHiLL-life offers the highest of quality sublimated activewear married with custom athletic and fashion prints. We provide apparel with bold and exciting graphics, making your team or organization stand out from the competition. Not to mention that our essential activewear is made of high quality, long-lasting materials, ensuring that you give your best and stay focused during every game. Show your team pride with our fantastic CHiLL-life apparel!

Here's why CHiLL-life Gives Your Game a Boost:

Sublimated Dye - Long-lasting and limitless 

In this digital age we are given boundless opportunities to express ourselves-and here at CHiLL-life we are committed to keeping up with the latest technology and ensuring high-end quality for our customers. Team Forever! With garments as our canvas, CHiLL-life utilizes Dye Sublimation, the process of fusing sublimated dye through heat into the fabric before the garments are cut and sewn. Since sublimated dyes are fused by heat, your print is permanent: it will never fade, crack or peel, guaranteeing that an extremely active lifestyle-and several tosses in the laundry-won't mar your team logo, name, or image! Sublimation also allows for endless customization. That's right, your options for colors, patterns, numbers, names and logos for a certain garment are limitless, and the colors remain extraordinarily vibrant even after years of wear and tear! 

So why not look good, feel good, and play even better?

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